Silmet European permit the principal purchasers to negotiate “Ex Works» prices directly with the manufacturer, SILMET - which is a major italian company in metallic industry and copper transformation - and to add commercial and logistics “Customized Services” based on their local limitations and needs. These can be tailored to suit the local needs and be different from one country to another.

The principle is to offer to the larger European contractors a unique contact for :


On one hand, hold technical and price negotiations directly with the manufacturer SILMET (3rd European manufacturer of copper tubes) to benefit from the best purchase prices material(subject), by taking into account a global volume that your whole market can represent.


And on the other hand, to adapt for every country covered by this market, the needs for services(departments) necessary for the correct realization of the market, by having professionals who master perfectly the constraints of the concerned countries..


Indeed, we left the report that certain “European” files(cases) require an adaptation important and different from levels and contents of the services(departments) from a country to the other one, and that in the end(final) certain files(cases) cannot succeed or succeed partially in terms of standardization of purchases because of these specificities. You negotiate the price(prize) of the tube with the factory, we adapt country by country the needs for services(departments) The SILMET EUROPEAN distribution network groups(includes) the 3rd European manufacturer of tubes copper, and 9 local distributors such as COPPER distribution(casting) in France, specialized in products cuprous and mastering perfectly needs and forced logistics of their coverage area.


In the practice every country will work with the local representative who: The same language as your correspondents in this country speaks, knows perfectly the normative, fiscal, social environment, knows perfectly the habits and customs commercial, assures(insures) the logistics dedicated according to the specifications defined initially, assures(insures) the daily commercial relation with your teams. This plan allows you to optimize your approach(initiative) of purchase by negotiating directly with the manufacturer without penalizing however the notion of services(departments) necessary for the good progress of the file(case) in the practice …

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