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A near half‐century of innovation

Founded in 1973, Silmet is one of the major Italian operators in the metallurgic industry, belonging to the Ghidini group that is highly integrated with very old roots: as far back as 1929 the Ghidini families were already specialised in the machining of non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminium and nickel silver.

A historic dynasty that is currently led by Comm. Giampietro Ghidini, the company produces brass and plastic traps for the plumbing sector, brass tubes and bars for various industrial applications, copper plates, wires and cords for use in the building and electrical sectors and copper tubes for water and gas in sanitary, heating and industrial applications.

The group’s factories are on the cutting-edge of technology and are equipped with sophisticated, modern plants.

Electricity requirements are met by the group’s own hydro-electric power stations and by a modern photovoltaic power stations with an installed capacity of 6.32 MW; raw materials are purchased directly from mines in Chile, the Congo, Peru and Zambia, guaranteeing supplies with excellent quality standards.

Silmet is equipped with metal smelting blasting furnaces, large extrusion presses, powerful bull-block and combined drawing plants and very modern annealing furnaces and metal normalizing. Since 1994, the whole process is monitored according to standards and in compliance with the international ISO 9001:2008 standards with certified Quality System. The whole production undergoes checks, controls and inspections with the aid of its own test and alloy-analysis laboratories, equipped with the most up-to-date instruments.

Silmet is the world leader in the production of copper tubes for water, heating and sanitary applications and industrial use in Level Wound Coils; in 2007, the company started up its production of copper strips for building and industrial applications. It manufactures its range of products in conformance with all world manufacturing standards and in accordance with its customers’ particular needs.

The aim of this site is to share with our Clients the pride and enthusiasm with which we work on a daily basis to improve our performance so that we can satisfy the company’s most precious asset: THE CUSTOMER.

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